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About Your Friendly Plumber

The Your Friendly Plumber concept was founded on the idea of providing a professional plumbing service with the emphasis on making our customers happy. This is a very simple idea that has been overlooked by the majority of plumbers out there servicing the community.

Richie, the founder of Your Friendly Plumber, saw an opportunity to not only provide a quality job and be friendly when dealing with our customers, but to have the right attitude when it comes to solving our customer’s problems.

“When people come to us, they have a problem. They need it fixed and they don’t always know how to fix it”

Providing a ‘can do’ approach to all jobs means that the customer will always have options available to them. We explain these options in simple English so our customers always understand what we are doing and why. “Its all about having a positive attitude towards our customers”

This approach has led us to develop our customer feedback form. Once a job is completed our customers get the chance to rate our services and offer their feedback on what they would like improved. This is a great way for us to improve our service and keep our loyal customers happy.

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